Cut and Trim

Our master crew will manicure your lawn’s grass, shrubs, and trees to an exacting standard and will honor any specific requests you may have. We typically do 22-24 cut and trims per season.


We can build you a gorgeous garden or take care of the one that you already have. Our team of green thumbs excels in planting, weeding, and nurturing natural beauty.

Irrigation Installation and Maintenance

Beautifully verdant lawns, gardens, and sometimes even “wild areas” in Jackson’s arid climate need thorough, and reliable irrigation systems. We can install a system on your property if you don’t already have one, as well as repair and maintain your existing irrigation system. This includes safely and properly turning on your system in the spring and blowing it out in the fall.

Noxious Weed Control

Noxious weeds are pesky, unsightly, and injurious to animals, humans and even other plants. Let us take ’em out for you!

Snow Removal

We keep your property safe to walk and drive on by plowing, shoveling, sanding, and ice melting. Whether it is commercial or residential, no job is too big or too small.

Tree and Lawn Fertilizing

If you want your lawn and your trees to be at their prettiest, healthiest and live as long as possible, it’s necessary to give them a leg up with regular applications of fertilizer.

Tree Care

Trees, strong as they may seem, need some extra help too, sometimes. Whether it’s trimming, diagnosing and treating for insects, mites, or fungus, or even in the worst cases, removal, our arborists can treat your trees quickly and appropriately in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.

Spring Cleans

Spring cleans have to be done in order to clean green areas and garden spaces from winter’s debris so as to prep them for all of the season’s cut and trims.  We use a power rake and thatcher to pick up any unsightly lawn debris.  The clean up process usually takes slightly longer than the cut and trims because there is more to do, so it will typically be slightly more expensive.  Also, with spring cleans as with cut and trims there is a 10% fuel and dump charge to remove and dispose of all debris.

Fall Cleans

Fall cleans are done to remove all branches and leaves from green areas and garden beds in order to ensure that there is nothing but good healthy living plant matter underneath the snow when it falls.  It is imperative to fall clean, because fallen leaves can contain fungi spores and other detrimental organisms that can infect other trees and plants if left alone.  As with Spring cleans, Fall cleans usually take a little longer than the cut and trims and therefore are slightly more expensive.  There will be a 10% fuel and dump charge in order to pay for the removal of organic debris.


Please note that we charge a 10% fuel and dump surcharge.